Red River Palo Duro Baryta Fiber Paper Mimics an Ansel Adams Favorite

Palo Duro Baryta Fiber is Red River’s latest paper for those who want professional, museum-quality prints.

Whether you’re a print enthusiast or have yet to print your best snaps professionally, Red River’s new paper offering could be a great option for you. The Palo Duro Baryta Fiber 300 boasts rich tonality, depth, and feel of traditional wet darkroom fiber paper, promising prints that will meet, if not surpass, gallery and museum expectations.

Photographers who liked the popular San Gabriel SemiGloss Baryta offered by Red River until 2016 will be delighted to know that the old favorite now comes as the new and improved Palo Duro Baryta. So, if you’ve been looking for an alternative to the San Gabriel, this paper is definitely for you.

As a pleasant neutral white paper, Palo Duro Baryta Fiber has a lightly textured, semigloss finish that adds depth, an elegant sheen, and natural richness to the final print. This paper is recommended for portraits and landscapes, as well as black and white images, because of the deep blacks and beautiful contrast it produces. According to Red River, this paper is noted to be “as close as you can get to Oriental New Seagull G” which was a favorite of Ansel Adams. While it’s not the exact paper, Red River promises that it will be the go-to paper of photographers who want a true darkroom fiber look.

The pleasant whiteness of the Palo Duro Baryta Fiber is produced by a special barium sulfate variant called blanc-fixe, meaning permanent white. This inert material is added to the coating to add stability to the whiteness over time. Both the coating and base material are also free of acid, lignin, and fluorescent brightening agents, making them ideal for true exhibition-quality prints whether for sale, presentation, or gallery shows.

Some important details about the Palo Duro Baryta Fiber paper:

  • Archival grade materials
  • Baryta whitener layer (pure barium sulphate)
  • Lightly textured semigloss surface
  • Base stock is acid free, lignin free, and buffered with calcium carbonate
  • FOGRA Certified ISO 9706 (paper aging standards)
  • There are no markings or logos on the back
  • Back of this product is not printable
  • Pleasing warm tone


Technical Specifications:

  • Media: 100% alpha-cellulose base stock
  • Weight: 300 gsm
  • Thickness: 13.8 mil
  • Coated: Microporous with baryta coated one side
  • Color: Slightly neutral white
  • Surface: Semigloss with light texture and medium reflectivity
  • Pigment Ink Users: This media requires Photo Black inks.
  • Archival Characteristics: Acid free, lignin free, buffered with calcium carbonate, FOGRA Certified
  • ISO 9706 (paper aging standards)


The Palo Duro Baryta Fiber comes in sizes from 4″ x 6″ to rolls of 17″ x 50″ to 44″ x 50″. Visit the Red River Paper website for more details.