Stian Klo Reveals the Stunning Color Palette of Northern Italy’s Autumn Landscapes

All photos by Stian Klo. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Whether you’re an intrepid travel photographer or a landscape photographer with a keen interest for detail, we’re sure that you pay a lot of attention to the colors of your chosen destinations. Norwegian landscape photographer Stian Klo, for example, showed us the various colors and moods that the snow-capped Finnish Lapland can produce depending on the time of the day. In another series, he reveals the rich colors of Northern Italy during his visit in Fall of 2018, giving us a tip on the best time of the year to visit if you want this color palette on your landscape photos.

Klo visited and photographed Trentino-Alto Adige and South Tyrol, revealing the different vistas, textures, and terrains of both regions. The changing color palettes from one photo to the other highlight this wonderful variety. It gives us the impression that Northern Italy is one of the best places to shoot during this time of the year to get a good range of scenes in our collection of autumn snaps.

The most striking and dominant color palette is evidently produced by the tried and tested Golden Hour. The amber rays of the sunrise or sunset create a moody palette when combines with the misty mountain scenes, and even a fiery one in a number of shots. On cloudy days, we see a more serene, diffused light that brings out and accentuates the earthy tones of the hilly landscapes.


So, by studying this collection of landscape snaps beforehand, we don’t only get ideas on the places of interest or elements to head to in Northern Italy during the fall season. It should also help with planning the times of the day to shoot to get those stunning colors right.

If you find yourself leaning more towards the surreal or extra moody color schemes for your landscape photography, Iceland is another location that you should consider. This infrared series by Andy Lee, which includes some stunning spots in Iceland, should give you some ideas!

Check out his Behance portfolio and the Lofoten Tours website to see more landscape photography from Stian Klo.