Luminar 3.1.0 Features “Completely Human-Aware” Accent AI Filter

The Accent AI filter is the star of Skylum’s latest update to the Luminar photo editing software.

If you’re a heavy user of the Accent AI filter in Luminar, Skylum put it at the heart of its latest upgrade to the photo editing software. With this new update, significant enhancements and content-aware recognition have been added to make it a more efficient, completely human-aware Accent AI 2.0. Skylum has been aware that Accent AI has allowed photographers to utilize a faster workflow by taking care of common adjustments such as shadows, highlights, and contrasts. With the Luminar 3.1.0 update, the company has improved other Accent AI parameters, and equipped it with facial and object recognition technology to help photographers craft more realistic images.

According to Skylum, this improvement was brought about by a new neural network that recognizes specific objects more effectively. Aside from being trained on more objects, it also utilizes a new “person” class for better facial feature recognition. Accent AI 2.0 also now has a more careful color correction and smarter detail boost, but if it can’t make an object in a photograph look better, it will be left as is. Selective adjustments like these make for a more enhanced Luminar workflow.

Other improvements packed in the latest Luminar update include:

  • RAW + JPEG (Mac and Windows): Easily organize file pairs in a more convenient way. Photographers can view as a single image and switch between the two versions easily. Organize and rate pairs simultaneously, no matter how you view the two formats.
  • Improved Selective Sync (Mac and Windows): Synchronize image adjustments across your photographs. Image layers, crop, erase, clone & stamp no longer affect syncing.
  • Import Images (Windows): You can now copy photos to a folder right from inside Luminar. Use this option to pull images from a memory card or other drive and copy them to a new destination.
  • Gallery Selection (Windows): Now it’s easier to precisely select and deselect photos in your Gallery. Select non-adjacent photos with Ctrl-click. Click outside a photograph to deselect all photos.

Luminar 3 users can now upgrade to version 3.1.0 for free, while new users can avail of it for a limited time offer of $60 (standard price at $70).