Wundershine Reframe Lets You Easily Swap Your Photos on Display

If you’re planning to print and frame some of your photos, the Wundershine Reframe system lets you swap and “refresh” your photos with ease. 

Getting photos printed, framed, and put on display can sometimes be a tedious task, so it’s not surprising that many opt to skip it altogether for their homes and even work spaces. But looks like that’s going to change with the Wundershine Reframe System, a smart and elegant picture frame that allows you to swap photos on display with ease. Amsterdam-based Wundershine says they’ve found an elegant solution to displaying photos on our walls by reinventing the traditional picture frame. With the Reframe system, we can now print our photos on demand and swap the frames with new photos whenever we feel the need to “refresh” what’s on display.

The Wundershine Reframe system is comprised of wall-mounted wooden photo frames with a slide-in and clamping mechanism, an accompanying mobile app for iOS and Android, and mailbox delivery of compatible prints. At the heart of this system is the 42.4 cm x 42.4 x 2.8 cm wooden frame that has a hidden slot underneath which allows for one-step swapping, and a recessed shape for quick removal of the print. It comes in 100% natural solid oak, solid walnut, white, and black, and uses lightweight acrylic with UV protection instead of glass.

Use the Wundershine app to create a cloud-stored picture queue and order print packs to display on your Reframe units. You can add as many images as you like, and you can add from Google Photos, iCloud or other cloud services through the app. Functionalities in the app such as intuitive pinch zoom tools for cropping and resizing, and resolution indicator for high quality printing make sure that you get the best results for your photos.

As for the prints you’ll get, Wundershine promises gallery quality prints on heavy cardstock, made with premium inkjet printing without visible raster. Every Reframe purchase comes with a discount code for a free 5-pack of prints and global shipping.

What’s great about this frame is it opens a lot of possibilities for creating your own gallery at home, in the office or work spaces, and even community spaces. It’s easy to see the Reframe housing artworks in rotation with photos!

Interested? Check out the Wundershine website to find out more and make your Reframe system purchase.