Adorama’s New Video Series Explores Ethical Travel Photography

If it’s been your dream to get build a career travel photography, Adorama’s new documentary series will inspire you.

Travel photography is one of the biggest, most inspiring genres to get into, for the obvious reasons of unique experiences and unforgettable photo opportunities. In their new video series, Adorama adds an extra dimension to the craft by inspiring us to practice ethical travel photography. It’s definitely something to consider whether you’re new to the genre or quite far along into it, so go ahead and add it to your watch list!

Titled My Travel Diary, the original Adorama series is the brainchild of executive producer Sal D’Alia and aims to be “a passport to countries and cultures we don’t often see shared on social media”. Each season invites us to join featured photographers in their quest to explore these destinations and bring to light what ethical travel photography is about.

For its first season, the series lets us tag along with photographer and travel guide Erin Sullivan. She takes us to Kenya, where she meets the mothers and children of the nonprofit Ubuntu Life, helps implement clean drinking water with the Maasai tribe, and captures the beauty of the people, nature, and wildlife throughout the journey.

After introducing us to the brains behind Ubuntu and what they do for the community, Erin talks to us about her work as a photographer and her goals for the trips she organizes.

“I don’t pose the people that I shoot,” she said on the photography side of what she does. “The way that they want to stand, the way that they want to be is part of the story. That matters a lot.”

“I just want to interact with them first. I want to see if they’re comfortable with me. If they’re not comfortable with me, I’m not comfortable taking their picture,” she adds.

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Screenshot image from the video by Adorama