These Are the Top Instagram Hashtags You Should Use in 2019

Looking into getting more Instagram exposure for your work this year? These hashtags should help you get noticed.

While Instagram popularity should never be a yardstick by which you measure the quality or success of your work, it does remain one of the best avenues today to get your work noticed. Whether you’re just getting into the hashtag game on the platform or would like to up your Instagram presence a level (or a few), these suggestions from PhotoShelter are worth a try.

In their 2019 Photographer’s Guide to Instagram Hashtags, photography platform and market PhotoShelter partnered with Feature Shoot to put together an updated curated list featuring some of the best hashtags in several popular genres for pro photographers on Instagram. “When used effectively, Instagram hashtags can increase profile views and help photographers get profile visits from potential clients, fans, and photo editors,” they reminded on the guide.

#intothewild #bestplacestogo #tinypeopleinbigplaces #welltravelled and #suitcasetravels

The guide is divided into 13 of today’s hottest genres on the platform: Travel, Portraits, Black and White, Street, Architecture, Minimalism, Documentary, Landscape, Film, Fine Art, Drones/Aerial, Nature/Wildlife, and Still Life. Each of these have their own searchable and submittable tags. As their names suggest, users can filter posts through searchable hashtags, while photographers can submit their photos to a publication or feature page for consideration.

For Travel, for example, #intothewild #bestplacestogo #tinypeopleinbigplaces #welltravelled and #suitcasetravels are some of the most used searchable hashtags that you can use to catch the attention of travel companies, airlines, guides, magazines, and blogs.

If you shoot a lot of portraits, the searchable hashtags are more straightforward: #portraits (of course), #portraitphotography (why, yes), #postmoreportraits (well, why not) and #makeportraits. Feeling the need to get your portrait work shared by a feature page? Take note of #pursuitofportraits #postthepeople #discoverportrait and #portrait_perfection to name a few.

Black and white photography likewise continues to be a hot genre, so go ahead and include #monochrome #blackandwhitephotography and #bwphotography in your carefully culled searchable hashtags. Got stuff to submit? Consider tagging your photos with #bnw_captures #bnw_life #bnwmood and #bnw_city.

Street photographers likewise have a host of straightforward hashtags to use, if they haven’t done so yet: #streetphotography #streetphoto #photostreet #bnw_street #streetportrait and #streetview to name a few. For submittable hashtags, there’s #ourstreets #streetdreamsmag and #streetleaks and #storyofthestreet.

Curious about the rest of the hashtags on the list? Head to the PhotoShelter page and leave your e-mail address to get a download link for the full guide.