The Stunning Infrared Photo of Kolari Vision’s “Life in Another Light”

If you haven’t experimented with infrared photography yet, the impressive selection of winning snaps from Kolari Vision’s photo contest will surely convince you.

Not so long ago, Kolari Vision ran the first ever “Life in Another Life” Photo Contest, the aim of which was to showcase the best shots and stories from the global community of infrared photographers. Seeing the winning shots, there’s no doubt that the competition achieved just that! If you’re into eye-catching and surreal imagery, the selection will certainly inspire and intrigue you!

“What changes when we switch to infrared, and which things remain constant? What beauty lies in the light that our eyes can’t see? We want the infrared photography community to answer these questions and more with complete photo essays as well as individual shots,” Kolari challenged in the photo contest brief.

The competition was divided into the following categories: Photo Essay, Landscape, Black and White, Color Infrared, and Portrait. Apart from the Grand Prize and First to Third Place winners, three to five Honorary mentions and Visible Light winners were also chosen.

Luciano Demasi bagged the Grand Prize for his photo essay on the otherworldly desert landscape of Utah its hidden stories and varied characters.

“Sometimes I think that what I have seen in Utah is unreal. Hidden valleys, flowers in the desert under the silent watch of the Milky Way, millions of years of planet’s geological history blended in a unique irreplaceable and delicate paradise: did I imagine this beautiful and overwhelming universe? Did everything I experienced actually take place? Chaos decided that I had to visit these wonders. It also decided to destroy my digital camera in an accident 3 years ago. The negative event was actually going to bring a positive force in my life. It started my infrared journey. The photos I share with you are children of my love for nature, photography, and the fantastic invisible infrared world. Utah is a place to be discovered. Any dirt road leads to views and to places which cannot be forgotten even beyond this lifetime,” Demasi wrote.

The rest of the winning images are equally impressive as well. These especially caught our attention:

Second Place Photo Essay

Hong Kong: The Golden City by Tran Minh Dung

Third Place Photo Essay

Invisible Paris by Pierre-Louis Ferrer

IR Stills Category: Infrared Landscape

First Place: Lonely Tree by David Hall

Second Place: Morning Fog by David Hochleitner

Third Place: Home Sweet Home by Matteo Dalle Feste

IR Stills Category: Infrared Color

First Place: The Watchman by Blake Rudis

Second Place: Red Velvet by Helen Bradshaw

Third Place: Tetonic by Matthew Stuart Piper

Honorable Mentions for Color

Island Beach in IR by David Nilsen

Blue Suns by Henry H Smith

Flowers by Kate Adler

IR Stills Category: Infrared Portrait

First Place: Girl by Pierre-Louis Ferrer

IR Stills Category: IR Black & White

First Place: Zabriskie by Beamie Young

Second Place: Touch by Ivan Kulikov


Check out Kolari’s announcement page to see the rest of the “Life in Another Light” Photo Contest winners.