MAYA Promises to be the Only Darkroom Timer You’ll Ever Need

Film photographers who love tinkering with darkroom developing and printing may find the MAYA Darkroom Timer a useful tool.

Whether you’re setting up your own darkroom or would like to upgrade your equipment, you might want to check out this tool. MAYA is an enlarger timer that promises to provide you with all the functionality you’ll most likely ever need to develop your films and create beautiful darkroom prints.

According to the Indiegogo campaign, Can Çevik began working on the project shortly after his old darkroom timer broke down. “Realizing all the possible replacements were either lacking almost everything we’d like to have in a timer or having absolutely horrible interfaces with requiring button push combinations and no clear display to communicate with you, we took the matters into our own hands and started building a better product,” he said.

Sleek and modern, MAYA has a clean modular interface, which has dual rotary dials that allow quick navigation between menus and switching settings. No need to remember and fiddle around button combinations or figure out error codes as everything is displayed on the main LCD. When you’re ready, simply press either Focus or Expose button to directly access the most important functions.

MAYA also has a convenient F-Stop based editing, so you can edit in EV when adjusting the base time, when adding a dodge or burn time, and even choosing EV increments between test strips.

Here are some of the features of the MAYA Darkroom Timer:

  • Countdown timer
  • F-Stop adjustments
  • Test Strip mode with F-Stop control
  • Dodge and burn actions based on F-Stops
  • Auto time-compensation for dry-down, toning, aperture and paper size changes
  • Safelight and room light control
  • Film development timer
  • Metronome
  • Modular hardware with add-ons, buttons and switches

There are lots of cool details and promising features in store for MAYA, so we suggest heading to the Indiegogo campaign now to find out more and pledge your support.


Photos from the MAYA Indieogo campaign