Datacolor Introduces New and Improved SpyderX Color Calibration Solution

Datacolor’s new SpyderX should come in handy for photographers and creative professionals who want to make sure that their monitors’ colors are accurately calibrated.

Not sure if your monitors are showing your photos in the most accurate colors? Now would be a great time to consider getting them calibrated. Datacolor has just unveiled the new SpyderX, the company’s fastest, easiest, and most accurate color calibration tool for your monitors. This new release is geared to come in handy for photographers, videographers, and other creative professionals whose projects require only the best color management solutions.

According to Datacolor, their new offering has a completely redesigned lens-based color engine that enables it to deliver increased color accuracy and low light capabilities. It promises to let you calibrate your monitor in less than two minutes — several times faster than the previous Spyder models. This makes it a quick and easy step to integrate to your workflow, however hectic it gets.

SpyderX is equipped with other enhanced features, such as a significantly higher level of color accuracy for achieving even more precise screen color, shadow detail, and white balance. Not a color expert yet? This new device will help you get high-quality colors both through the single-click calibration and advanced control options, thanks to Datacolor’s intuitive software.

Think you really need one? Datacolor offers the new and improved monitor calibration tool in two versions: the SpyderX Pro, which is designed for discerning photographers and designers who are looking for a quick and easy color management solution; and the SpyderX Elite, which provides even more advanced settings to equip professional photographers and videographers full control of the colors in their workflow.

Head to the Datacolor website to find out more and grab the SpyderX Pro for $169.99, or the SpyderX Elite for $269.99.


Photos from Datacolor