Futurism, Zine Culture, Neons Top Shutterstock Creative Trends for 2019

Shutterstock reveals a fascinating assortment of visual trends and unique styles that are in store for us this 2019.

Need some insights on the biggest creative trends to help with your upcoming projects? Shutterstock’s Creative Trend Report for this year is now out, and it has some pretty interesting predictions on the ideas, styles, and concepts that are set to shape this year’s creative projects. While a lot of these seem to lean more for design work, marketing campaigns, and visual art, we’re sure some photographers and multi-disciplinary creatives will find them nonetheless useful and inspiring.

Check out the full Shutterstock Creative Trends Report for 2019 below:

As with their previous trend predictions, Shutterstock based this year’s report on billions of image, video, and music searches and downloads from their customers. Cartoon faces, 80’s patterns, and funky animal prints are perhaps the most unexpected of this year’s trends, some of which we may also see in many fashion editorials and edgy portraits.

Bright colors, futurism, hypnotic patterns, and neons will continue to be popular this year, coming in the form of prisms, rainbows, duotones, and neon signs. We saw a lot of neons and vibrant colors in many projects in the recent years, but we’re definitely looking forward to seeing more photographers bring and interpret these trends to their work.

Interestingly, Shutterstock’s trend report also mentioned that zine culture is thriving and will continue to inspire independent makers. Its “uniquely undesigned” and raw look is typically seen in contemporary art collages. But we think it will also encourage zine makers and photographers to explore the art of self-publishing photo zines and photobooks this year.

Lastly, another trend that we think will translate well into photography projects is the vintage romantic aesthetic of the Rococo period. Soft pastels, sensual light and shadows, and intricate set designs would all look beautiful in portrait and fashion photography.