This Jaw-Dropping View of Shanghai is Made Up of 24.9 BILLION Pixels

Here’s something for all you hardcore pixel peepers out there: a bird’s eye view of Shanghai in glorious 24.9 BILLION PIXELS.

If taking in the breath-taking panorama of Shanghai is on your travel bucket list, you can finally tick that off now. Allow us to present the most detailed view of the city that you’ll ever lay eyes on: a 24.9 BILLION PIXEL (or 195 gigapixel) snap that you can zoom in to get close. Really, really close.

The highly detailed 360-degree photo by BigPixel Studio may not be new (it was taken in July 2015, according to Elite Readers) but it’s been making the Internet rounds again just because it’s still jaw-dropping today.

Just look at how it goes from this view:


That’s a preview video above, but go ahead and pixel peep it yourself here.

Yeah, it’s not your typical panoramic shot, and the ultimate dream of pixel peepers for sure. It zooms in to reveal every detail of the city crammed into a 24.9 BILLION PIXELS shot — from the people making their way around (oblivious to the fact that they’re being snapped), to the plate numbers of the vehicles plying the roads, the buildings in the horizon, and even the flowers adorning that rotunda.

Going back to the Elite Readers report, it also cited that BigPixel Studio made the panoramic image using thousands of photos to make it “2000 times more accurate than pictures taken by traditional cameras.” It currently holds the record for the largest image in Asia, and the third largest in the world.

Some posts and reports say it was taken by a Chinese satellite, but the website housing the image says that it was captured on the Oriental Pearl Tower. Whichever it is, we can’t deny that it’s impressive — and a little scary, if we have to be honest!