10 Best Street Photographs on Social Media

Lead photo by Jonathan Walker

Due to the popularity of social media, good street photography can often get lost in the mediocre work. But if you dig for long enough, you’re sure to find some gems.

Many people blame social media for the supposed death of street photography. What was once a rich man’s game is now accessible to many and not the few. With that comes great grumblings — “now anyone can put their rubbish pictures out to the world” or “all the good photographs are far outweighed by the bad ones.” Both of those statements do have a ring of truth to them (but we like the idea of photography being inclusive). So, to save you the frustration of scrolling endlessly on your quest for good street photography, we’ve found the 10 best street photographs on social media this week.

1.  Romdilon (@romdilon)

We love nothing more than a street photograph that builds a narrative. The Nun, a figure of purity and light, overlooking the sinners as they move in their own darkness. Both core subjects are divided by a set of lights — the Nun towering above them from heaven, watching as the three sinners march beneath her into the depths of hell.

Was this the story Romdilon wanted us to read? We’d have to ask him. But what’s for sure is that this image prompted us to think  – that’s the key sign of a good photograph.

2. Michelle Groskopf (@michellegroskopf)

Sometimes the best photographs are the ones that don’t give too much away. As viewers of street photography, we can be guilty of expecting the image to give us answers — but what about the ones that give us questions? This photography by Michelle Groskopf does just that. What is the relationship between the subjects? Why are they having this intimate moment? Where are they? Quality photography encourages you to ask and pushes you to think.

3. Dario Cestaro (@dario_cestaro)

Street photography has the ability to make you smile. A slight chuckle to oneself as you view the timing and excellence of a street photographer. Will this photograph win awards? Probably not. But it’s a great example of how having a good eye can make a simple mundane scene all the more interesting to observe.

4. LukasKA (@lukaskaoffocial)

Like a helium balloon love takes us to the clouds. As we float within its warmth, we are still aware of its vulnerability. Whilst it is strong when high above, it can soon weaken and risks being thrown away — like unwanted items into the trash. And no matter how much love makes us feel a strong bond like no other, eventually it breaks apart.

Too deep?

5. Jonathan Walker (@kingofkodak)

Here at The Phoblographer, we’re partial to a good, gritty, grainy bit of street photography. That’s exactly what is delivered in this photograph by Jonathan Walker. But don’t just stop at the aesthetic. Oh no, this photograph goes beyond that. At the forefront of the image, we have two women having a dialogue. The faceless women seeming to be unapologetic, arms folded and a strong stance. Her friend in despair, she’s had an enough — but of what? And in the background, a tall, motionless woman, pondering over all of her life choices.

This really is top-draw street photography.

6. Kinga Wrona (@kinga_wro)

In their online course, Magnum talks about the importance of the decisive moment. This photograph by Kinda Wrona is a great example of how perfect timing takes your work to the next level. The image is well composed and the framing around the young boy gives it that added touch of quality.

No animals were hurt in this making of this photo.

7.  Gianpaolo La Paglia (@gianpaololapaglia)

“Is that man’s head stuck up a cow’s ass!?” Don’t worry, we asked the same question too. But no, it is not stuck somewhere unpleasant. However, because of the great angle set by Gianpaolo, it certainly looks like it is. A well-balanced photograph that comes with humor and intrigue, it was only right that this image made the list.

8. Kudo Bass (@kudo_bass)

Street photography does not always have to be about narratives and meaning. Sometimes, there is nothing wrong with it just being an aesthetically pleasing image. In this photo from Kudo Bass, we see repetition, good lighting, framing and silhouettes. The photo has a concoction of the basic elements of good street photography — collectively making it a strong piece of work.

9. Lorenc Berisha (@streetwithcolours)

Street photography inspires the weird and wonderful. It is because of its candidness that it can produce such interesting and bizarre looking photographs. In this image by Lorenc Berisha, we see two silhouetted people walking the streets — or do we? Rather, could it be some new form of superhuman that has a second head coming out of the back of its neck? This photo suggests it could be possible. And for that, we think it’s a solid piece of street photography.

10. Jimmy Lee (@jimmylphotography)

Symmetry and reflections are nothing new in the world of street photography. That’s not to say that they don’t have their place within the craft. Whilst many are extremely basic, some stand out for combining more elements. In this photo by Jimmy Lee, he has well executed the symmetry of the scene, and also incorporated great color, light and motion.

Keep The Faith in Social Media Street Photography

Hopefully, the photographs showcased in this article will remind you it’s not all doom and gloom in the world of social media. Good street photography does exist and the quality of the craft is very much alive and kicking.

To ensure that you see quality street photography in your social feeds, we strongly recommend you go and follow all of these photographers.

All images in this article were used with permission.

Dan Ginn is a UK based street photographer and writer. Learn more about him via his website and Instagram.

Dan Ginn

Dan Ginn is a content writer and journalist. He brings with him five years' experience writing in the photographic niche. During that time he has worked with a range of leading brands, as well as a host professional photographers within the industry.