Dive Into the Painterly Nocturnal Seascapes of Antti Viitala

All images by Antti Viitala. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The sea has always been a captivating subject for artists, inspiring them to find new ways to depict the spectacular scenes. One of our latest favorite seaside works is by Cape Town-based Antti Viitala, whose surreal and aptly titled Nocturnal Seascapes set remind us how stunning these bodies of water are at night.

We typically adore the sea when it glows and sparkles in the sun during balmy summer days, so it’s interesting to have an alternate perspective on the subject. In Nocturnal Seascapes, it’s as if the sea has taken on a different form. The crystal-clear turquoise waters have been replaced with a deep shade of blue, mirroring the mysterious midnight sky. Instead of hypnotic ripples, we gaze at the wispy foams and strokes that complete the surreal persona of the sea at night.

Photographing the sea late at night is definitely not an easy task, but there was only one way to achieve the distinct look that encompasses Nocturnal Seascapes. Viitala shot the images in long exposure to give his photos a beautiful painterly look. Since the photos are minimalist in color palette and elements, viewers can gaze at his seascapes undistracted.

A quick peek at Viitala’s website and Behance portfolio, I found out that Nocturnal Seascapes is actually an interesting addition to his collection of seaside photos, which vary from fiery sunsets snaps to serene dusk shots. The variations in colors and elements he captured in this big collection also presents us with different moods and textures. But I’d have to say that Nocturnal Seascapes is easily my favorite for its minimalist quality and the almost abstract, painterly look rarely captured in beach and seascape photos.

Do check out Antti Viitala’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his beautiful seaside snaps and his other photography projects.