Simon Puschmann Uses Powerful Flower Analogy Inspired by “Me Too” Campaign

All images by Simon Puschmann. Used with Creative Commons permission.

How do you make a bold statement or support a cause close to your heart through your photography or art? Looks like Hamburg-based photographer and director Simon Puschmann figured out one of the most effective ways to do this by crafting a powerful analogy to guide your visual message. He executes this idea gracefully in a series called Assaulted Flowers.

With the #MeToo campaign being one of the most compelling movements to sweep the Internet and social media as of late, it’s not surprising that creatives have been inspired to take part and support it in their own ways. As the title suggests, Puschmann used one of the most popular symbols for women for the concept behind his Assaulted Flowers project. His goal? To show how the women behind this campaign have kept their dignity, strength, and beauty despite falling victims to assault.

“…this concept highlights different flowers that have been desecrated in some way or another. My intention was to create a powerful analogy for these strong women who have managed to retain an entrenched dignity and beauty.”

It’s easy to see how Assaulted Flowers was successful in driving the message across. Even in their “desecrated” forms, the flowers are recognizable as such, and most can still easily be identified by their name or kind. They also remain as vibrantly colorful, delicate, and beautiful. However, the most powerful concept or idea the set imparts is how each flower is still worthy of our awe and admiration despite being permanently and irreversibly damaged.

Assaulted Flowers is a fine example of a simple, yet well-thought out idea that works. It shows us the elements of a successful conceptual photography project; clear vision, powerful message, and clever execution.

Don’t forget to visit Simon Puschmann’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of his photography projects.