Venom is a Badass Woman in this Cosplay Photography Series

This cosplay photography series stars cosplayer Luna, who struts her stuff in front of the camera as Venom!

October this year saw the Hollywood premiere of the Tom Hardy-starrer Venom and to commemorate (and in time for New York Comic Con 2018, too), actor and cosplayer Luna dressed up as a female version of this Marvel comics character in a skintight latex bodysuit and thigh high boots.

Luna’s final look is nothing short of amazing, with makeup artist Charles Zambrano doing her makeup and bodysuit that perfectly emulated a symbiote. And it’s all caught on camera by photographer Chad Wagner. On Behance, photo retoucher Valeria Belenko shared the final retouched images in an album called, well, Venom.

This collaboration is super impressive; Luna’s followers on Instagram think so, too.

Cosplay photography is an art in and of itself – a really, really cool one at that. It falls under portraiture and, as its name implies, zeroes in on cosplayers, or the individuals who make costumes and dress up as their favorite characters from comics, video games, movies, TV series, and more.

Cosplay photography is one topic that’s been extensively written on about here on Phoblographer, so if it’s something that you’re looking into, you’ve come to the right place!

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Hope you got inspired to dip your toes into cosplay photography!

All images by Chad Wagner, retouched by Valeria Belenko. Used with Creative Commons permission.