Skander Khlif Captures Glimpses of Everyday Life in the Moscow Metro

Through photography, Skander Khlif freezes fleeting moments in the lives of the commuters of the Moscow Metro. 

With a camera in hand, Skander Khlif plants himself right smack in the middle of crowded coaches and bustling hallways in the Moscow Metro. He’s there as an observer, ready to press the shutter and, in essence, freeze a fleeting moment in the life of a commuter at any given moment. Skander, whose work we’ve featured many times on this site, continues to show that he’s very versatile as a creator and documenter.

At least, that’s how I picture Skander in my head as he worked to create his series, Stories from the Moskowski Metropoliten. Numerous photographs of the Metro’s commuters make up the set, with the majority of them focusing on one particular person or pair in the middle of it all doing something, from tapping away on their phones to sharing a quiet, intimate moment with their companions.

In a few, passengers share eye contact with Skander through his lens. I wonder what went on in their minds when this happened.

There’s a special air about these images by Skander. They’re not just street snaps, they’re windows to the lives of the people who ride the Moscow Metro every day, each one seemingly inviting you to imagine what they do, where they are coming from or going, or what they are thinking.

If they say a picture paints a thousand words, then I can imagine Stories from the Moskowski Metropoliten as a slice of life compilation of short stories, with each one narrating an imaginary passage from the commuter’s life.

What’s more, this series allows the viewer to appreciate the beauty of the Moscow Metro, with its ornate carvings, paintings, and chandeliers making appearances in many of the photographs.

Visit Stories from the Moskowski Metropoliten to see the complete series. After that, don’t forget to drop by Skander Khlif’s Behance portfolio or website to see more of his work.

All photos by Skander Khlif. Used with Creative Commons permission.