Research Finds Number of Photo Shoots in LA Increased by 63% in the Past Decade – Here’s Why

Two of the three biggest reasons photo shoots in LA have increased in the last 10 years are connected to the rise of online influencers and social media. 

Things are bright and sunny over in Los Angeles, California, where the number of photo shoots in LA has increased from 1,925 in 2008 to 3,033 in 2018. That’s a whopping 63%, despite the average cost of securing a shoot in the city also increasing by 87.4% (from $353 to $662) in the same period of time.

This is the key finding of a recent study conducted by US-based company Giggster, which describes itself as “the Airbnb for filming locations.” But now you may be wondering; why did the number of photo shoots increase despite the cost of permits also increasing very close to 100%?

Simple: it’s mainly because in the last 10 years, social media has risen so much that it has not only become a platform for sharing personal stuff, but for growing and promoting businesses, too.

In an article, Reagan Cook of Giggster identified three major factors that contributed to the trend; the first two being closely related to social media.

The first one is all about Instagram’s influence. Creating online content has become such a serious business both for Instagram influencers and A-list celebrities. Per Giggster:

“According to HopperHQ, each [upper echelon Instagram influencer] earns around $30,000 per sponsored post. This big earning potential, as well as the constant pressure [Lele] Pons to increase production values and begin investing cash into better cameras, bigger crews, as well as more interesting filming locations.”

The second reason is the increased pace of brand publishing. We all know that traditional print media has suffered a serious blow at the hands of the rise of online media. With more and more people going online, brands have begun to migrate some, if not all, of their promotional campaigns to where their audience now are.

And online (specifically social media platforms) is the turf of influencers. Influencers churn out content in quick succession so brands are forced to keep up with this speed and to consistently deliver fresh and eye-grabbing content.

Lastly, even at $662, still photo permits are still said to practically be a steal as it costs 87% less than the average motion permit. LA homeowners reportedly would prefer a still photo shoot than a movie or commercial shoot within their properties because they pose a lower risk and less hassle.

For more information, check out the full findings of Giggster’s research here.

Image and information via Giggster.