The Explore 30 Backpack by Shimoda Is for All Types of Adventures

Shimoda is back with yet another cool creation – the Explore 30 backpack – created with photographer-slash-explorers in mind.

Photographers who have an affinity for the great outdoors would love the latest backpack that adventure camera bag company Shimoda recently launched. Called the Explore 30, it claims to be the perfect companion to whatever adventure any photographer’s embarking on – from hitting the streets of a bustling city to exploring somewhere far, new, and exotic.

According to Shimoda’s website, the Explore 30 has the same maximum camera carrying capacity as the previous Explore 40 but is shorter and has a new removable belt system. Its maker claims that these new features “open up new worlds of possibility for Shimoda users, and they allow the Explore 30 to fit in everywhere.”

Aside from these snazzy new features, Explore 30 also boasts of:

  • Multiple access points, namely at the rear and on one side so you could quickly bring out your gear without taking the backpack off
  • Height-adjustable harness with three height options to fit short or tall torsos
  • Stackable and moveable Core Unit modular camera insert system to comfortably and safely fit all your camera and non-camera gear in any terrain or environmental conditions (purchased separately or as part of an Explore Kit)
  • A compact size that meets most airline carry-on requirements

Meanwhile, here are the specs of the Explore 30:

All these to say: the Explore 30 promises to offer great comfort to its user while keeping cameras, tripods, lenses, smartphones, SD cards, laptops, and other essentials safe and snug anywhere, in whatever weather.

Shimoda is set to start shipping out orders for the Explore 30 starting November 13. The Starter Kit, which includes the bag and Core Unit, goes for $359.85 and comes in Blue Nights and Sea Pine colors. Check out Shimoda’s website for more information or if you want to order your own!

Via DPreview, Shimoda.