Could a 14-21mm f1.4 Lens for Canon EOS R Really Be On the Way?

Dreaming of a fast, ultra wide-angle zoom lens for the Canon EOS R? A recent patent application suggests that Canon is on the way to making one.

We recently got wind of some reports about Canon possibly releasing an f1.4 ultra wide angle zoom lens, and we’re sure it’s going to get a lot of you excited. The eagle-eyed folks of Canon News broke the news of a new patent for a Canon lens with a range of 14-21 mm, with a constant maximum aperture of f1.55 and a nearest full f-stop equivalent of f1.4. If this sounds like something you think you need for the Full Frame mirrorless EOS R system, it’s believed that the lens in the works is exactly for that.

With the US Patent Application 20180314060, Canon is exploring a number of optical formulas for the potential new Canon EOS R lens, which the folks of Canon Rumors and Canon News found nothing short of exciting:

A mind-boggling 14-21mm f1.55 (or around f1.4):

Focal Length     14.50    17.45    21.00

F-Number            1.55       1.55      1.55

Image Height    21.64    21.64    21.64

BF                        17.10    21.64    21.64

A more normal 16-32 mm f2.8:

Focal Length      16.00    22.62    32.00

F-Number            2.80      2.80      2.80

Image Height     21.64    21.64    21.64

BF                         21.35    21.35    21.35

And an equally unbelievable 12-20mm f2:

Focal Length       12.00    15.49   20.00

F-Number             2.00      2.00     2.00

Image Height      21.64    21.64    21.64

BF                          14.88   14.88    14.88

Now, before we all get overly excited, let’s all keep in mind that this is only a patent, and Canon may not actually ever release something like this. But at least, we can all take comfort in the idea that the company appears to be busy looking into how they can push the capabilities of the Canon EOS R system with some mind-boggling glass.

In the meantime, we should consider that the Canon 28-70mm f2 RF does indeed exist as a lens. If Canon was able to create this lens, then perhaps something else can be done. Indeed, in its current state the Canon EOS R is not all that fantastic save for a few nice innovations, and instead the lenses are really what’s so great about the camera system.

Meanwhile, if you can’t wait for this new RF lens to actually happen, several comments have singled out the Sigma 14mm f1.8 as an already available alternative.

Image via Canon News