Kodak ProImage 100 Film: Neutral Skin Tones, Sharp Detail, and Gorgeous Greens

Portrait photographer Max Heinrich does portrait and street shoots to test the Kodak ProImage 100 and reviews it favorably.

Kodak released the Kodak ProImage 100 35mm film to select markets, including Asia and Latin America in 1997, but – surprise, surprise – it wasn’t until around the middle of this year that it finally made the emulsion widely available in Europe. Of course, Munich, Germany-based photographer Max Heinrich of the YouTube channel Analog Insights quickly snapped up a few rolls to see what fuss is all about for himself.

As Max had discovered, Kodak ProImage 100 truly delivers on its promise to render beautiful skin tones and to work best for portraits, weddings, and other social events. To test the film, Max decided to do a portrait shoot with a Canon EOS 30V equipped with a Canon 85mm f1.8 lens and a bit of street photography with a Leica M3 equipped with a Voigtländer 50mm f1.5 lens.

Max noted that he shot the film at box speed and at ISO 80 following the recommendation of his film lab, which graciously provided him with the test rolls.

Throughout his 14-minute video, Max sang praises for the Kodak ProImage 100. In particular, he raved about how it delivered beautiful greens, reds, blues, natural skin tones, sharpness, and a lot of detail in his images. Combined, these factors make for pictures that look more alive and natural.

“It’s incredibly sharp, it’s very interesting how it renders greens and reds, and I really appreciate that it doesn’t bring out the yellow tones as strongly as Kodak Gold or Kodak Ektar would do. Indeed, the skin tones are neutral and overall, I can really say that it’s a great alternative to Kodak Portra especially if you’re on a budget or if you just wanna shoot occasional… casual portraits or if you wanna go out with it for street shots or some social events.

“It’s a really solid film, you can definitely use it for that. I’m just glad that it’s finally available in Europe as well.”

“Overall, I’m really pleased with this film. I can highly recommend this film,” Max concluded.

Watch his full review below:

Screenshots taken from the YouTube video by Analog Insights.