This Corpse Bride Cosplay Photography is a Halloween Masterpiece

Cosplay photography by Lina Aster. Used with Creative Commons permission.

While cosplay is fascinating in itself, cosplay photography has also been a big part of the craft. In fact, it has long been a popular sub-genre of portrait photography, with a cult culture of its own among comic book, video games, and movie geeks. Today’s cosplay photography inspiration is not only a fine example of beautifully done cosplay, but also a stunning cosplay photography project perfect for the Halloween season. If you’re a fan of cosplay or do a lot of cosplay photography yourself, we’re sure you’ll like this one!

Haven’t figured out yet what you’ll dress up as for all the Halloween parties you’re set to go to? Let this stunning Corpse Bride shoot by Ukraine-based cosplay photographer Lina Aster inspire you. The cosplay itself is outstanding in both the level of faithfulness and attention to detail — from the costumes and the make-up, to the location and the props — and she has all the beautiful photos to show it!

This project shows us how this specialized portrait photography has become an important part of the cosplay subculture. Sure, everyone likes seeing, interacting, and photographing cosplayers during conventions and related gatherings, but cosplay photography is also an avenue for these artists to show off their craft and expertise outside of these events. Since a cosplay shoot like this is most often a collaborative project, these photos are also a showcase of the talent of everyone involved.

What makes this set a fine example of the genre is how it stays faithful to the story of the Tim Burton classic as well. The models aren’t photographed merely to show off the costumes and the styling, but are posed and shot in a way that makes them seem to have popped out from reel life to real life. The color grading is also nicely done, and easily reminds us of the whole look and mood of the Corpse Bride movie.

Lina Aster has many other great cosplay photography projects, so if you want more ideas and inspiration, go ahead and check out her Behance portfolio.