Przemyslaw Kruk Used Infrared Photography to Capture These Haunting Landscapes

All images by Przemyslaw Kruk. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

A quick survey of the portfolio of Polish photographer Przemyslaw Kruk shows imposing landscape photographs of sprawling fields, mountain ranges, hills, and more. I don’t know about you, but I even feel just a little overwhelmed at the power these images give off. It’s probably due to all those wide open spaces and colossal landforms which masterfully blends together. Magical Landscapes. Infrared. Poland, however, is a completely different story – the opposite of Przemyslaw’s usual fare, actually. This series is whimsical, with each image looking as if they’re pages taken straight out of a fantasy storybook. Here, the fields and trees are white, and the skies are unnatural shades of blue.

In a way the images look peaceful, apocalyptic, and like a winter wonderland all at the same time.

Out of all the infrared images I’ve seen, I’d say natural landscapes make for the best subjects in infrared photography. Don’t you agree? The color shifts that take place are so unexpected, dreamlike, and sometimes even unimaginable, yet they turn out to be really beautiful.

The Phoblographer has featured numerous infrared works by different photographers over the years. One thing I’ve observed is that, although the subjects are quite similar, the photographers were still able to show various ways and color combinations to create standout images with infrared.

Below are just some of the many examples:

Paolo Pettigiani turned the Dolomites and its surrounding areas into delicate shades of pink, light purple, and blue.

Graveyards are usually somber settings but Jack Seikaly made them look like candy-colored gardens with red, orange, and pink foliage.

Benn Murhaaya turned gritty urban scenes and abandoned structures into cool blue and white-hued images.

Nikita Gil took inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and headed to the forest to create her series of dreamy, fantastical images.

Lastly, Chuck Miller turned to the legendary Aerochrome film create an alien world with magenta foliage all around.

Don’t forget to visit Przemyslaw Kruk’s Behance portfolio to see more of his work!