Lumu Power 2 Features a Completely New Hardware and Three Variants

The new Lumu Power 2 now has all-new light meter hardware and comes in three different models to cater to every photographer’s needs. 

Whether you’d like to upgrade your old Lumu Light Meter or try turning your iPhone into a handy light meter, we have some great news for you. Aside from their website, Lumulabs Inc. has already made the new Lumu Power 2 available at the Apple US online store (soon at the Apple Canada online store as well), if you’re keen on getting yourself one today.

The new Lumu Power 2 now boasts of a new light metering hardware and powerful software, allowing photographers to now precisely measure the Color Temperature of flash. This comes along other features that are supported with Lumu Power. With a new color sensor and additional fast response photodiode, the Lumu Power 2 can now accurately measure the color of either a combination of Flash and Ambient light, or each type of lighting separately.

The new Lumu Power 2 now comes in three different variants, each configuration with a different set of functionalities and different price.

The PRO model, priced at $499, as the name suggests, comes with the most features:

  • Photo Ambient
  • Photo Flash
  • Cine/Video
  • Illuminance
  • Chromaticity
  • Color Temperature – Ambient
  • Color Temperature – Flash

The POWER model, priced at $399, has all the features listed above except the Color Temperature – Flash. The LITE model, priced at $249, is your basic Lumu Power 2 and only comes with Photo Ambient, Photo Flash, and Cine/Video functionalities.

Every Lumu Power 2 unit is calibrated individually, includes a traceable calibration certificate, and receives regular, free over-the-air updates. This ensures that every unit leaving the manufacturing line is “insanely accurate, forever.”

The Lumu light meter app also regularly gets software improvements based on user feedback, and now includes many frequently requested features:

  • HSS flash metering capability
  • Flash duration display (t0.1 and t0.5)
  • Displaying and calculating Average value
  • Possibility to use iPhone volume button as a reading trigger
  • App Dark theme
  • ND filters: different notations, stacking, and custom filters
  • Cine/Video mode for Spot metering
  • Color correction filters and multiple brands (LEE, Rosco, etc.)
  • Notes saving, editing, and export for each measuring mode

Lastly, Lumulabs Inc. has opened the Lumu Power SDK to everyone who wants to take part in its development. Interested developers can go to to submit their request for SDK Beta preview coming out in November 2018.

Visit the Lumulabs website to learn more about the Lumu Power 2.

All images from Lumulabs Inc.