ONA and Japan Camera Hunter Collaborate on a Limited Edition Bowery Bag for Film Street Photographers

Attention, film photographers! ONA and Japan Camera Hunter have made a limited edition camera bag just for you.

ONA and Japan Camera Hunter announced last night at Photokina 2018 their collaboration for a limited edition ONA x Japan Camera Hunter Bowery camera bag, which is designed with the film street photographer in mind.

Bellamy Hunt, the founder and proprietor of Japan Camera Hunter, developed the bag closely with ONA to make sure that the special edition of the best-selling Bowery Bag will come with features especially useful for film photographers:

  • Matte black solid brass hardware that will wear-in overtime to reveal the brass underneath, similar to the contact points of a vintage camera.
  • Three elastic “bandolier” loops to hold film canisters on the bag strap.
  • Two interior slip pockets for film, batteries, or other small accessories.
  • A zippered back pocket for additional security.
  • An all-black interior.

According to Hunt, the new camera bag was the result of fine-tuning the details with ONA for more than a year. “I wanted a shoulder bag, as I only carry one camera and a few items. But one that is simple, strong and geared towards the film shooter. The ONA Bowery was a great platform to start off with, but it needed some changes to suit my style.”

Bryan Mochizuki, ONA director of marketing & partnerships, likewise saw the need to get the details right according to the requirements of film photographers. “We also expected to take some time to get the details right by Bellamy’s standards, and were inspired to make a one-of-a-kind bag that would wear with time like a classic rangefinder.”

The ONA x Japan Camera Hunter Bowery camera bag joins the Bowery Bag’s other limited edition versions such as the Camo Bowery Bag. There will only be 230 individually-numbered units for this new bag, which will be available in the US through onabags.com and select retailers in the EU and Australia. It will be officially launched on October 2nd and retail for $199. But if you can’t wait, there are now limited units available for pre-sale on the ONA website.