Datacolor Announces Free Spyder5 eBook for Color Management Tips and Tricks

Datacolor has a new Spyder5 eBook that may help if you’re still learning the ropes of getting the right color for your photography projects.

Still haven’t figured how to get the colors right for your photography? Datacolor, the makers of the Spyder5 screen calibration tool, just announced their new Spyder5 eBook which you can download for free. This could be an essential guide to color management if you’re planning to get the Spyder5, and especially if you’re gearing to be a pro photographer who works with a lot of colorful projects.

The first chapter of the Spyder5 Color Management eBook can now be downloaded for free. The five remaining chapters are spread out for publishing from August 21st to October 30th. Whether you’re still planning to get your Spyder5, or want to learn more about how you can make the most out of it, this should be a helpful resource!

Datacolor shared the eBook chapters and their topics with us, as well as dates of when you can expect them to be released:

Chapter 1 – Now available at the Datacolor website

The Fundamentals of Color Management – Which color measuring instruments you need for color management; How the digital color world ticks; Why you should work with RAW data

Chapter 2 – Available August 21

Camera Calibration – Which tools are available for calibration; How to obtain evenly balanced contrast with the SpyderCUBE; SpyderCHECKR and how it provides color balance; How to get razor sharp autofocus using SpyderLENSCAL

Chapter 3 – Available September 6

Monitor Calibration – How to initially calibrate your monitor; What the colorimeter does for you during calibration; How to control the ambient light; The options a soft proofing tool can offer you

Chapter 4 – Available September 25

Monitor/Projector Calibration: Advanced Settings – How to make extended calibration settings; What an advanced analysis entails; The way to calibrate two monitors; What you must pay attention to while calibrating a complete studio and a projector

Chapter 5 – Available October 11

Printer Profiling for Accurate Prints – What you need to know about printer profiles; How to check if your printer and the printer driver are working properly; What to observe when working with a spectrocolorimeter; Get insights on how to use printer profiling technology

Chapter 6 – Available October 30

Softproofing and Printing – How to proof your images on the monitor; Printing your photos by yourself; What you need to know about monitor proofing during photo printing from a service provider; What you should consider when printing on paper, canvas and foil

Check out the Datacolor website to learn more about their products and check out the free Color Management eBook.

Image via Datacolor Spyder5 eBook