Reports Say We’ll Definitely See a New, High-End Olympus Camera in Early 2019

Anyone ready for a new Olympus camera? Because reports have been absolutely positive that we’ll get a high-end one come early next year.

It’s highly likely that we’ll welcome a new high-end Olympus camera by first quarter of next year, reports over at say. How likely exactly? Like 99% likely, they said. So, if you’ve been eyeing to grab one of them Olympus shooters, you might want to hold off for early 2019 to see what it’s going to be.

According to the reports — the first came out in July 25 and the second just 5 days after — “highly trusted sources” confirmed that a new “super high end camera” from Olympus is real and will be out in the market by early 2019. The sources were also certain the new offering will outperform the OMD E-M1 II. However, we won’t be seeing Olympus tease this upcoming camera at the Photokina in September. The second report only (excitedly) mentions multiple confirmations that a new high-end Olympus is indeed coming, and a promise of snagging some early specs.

While we’re waiting for the specs, the next best thing, of course, is to explore some possibilities. The report mentions three:

  1. It’s set to be the new E-M5 III. But if Olympus really makes it to outperform the E-M1 II, it would kill the camera sales for the latter.
  2. It will be a more video-oriented Micro Four Thirds camera.
  3. It will come with a new sensor format.

So, what do you think? Any guesses as to the specs this new camera will feature? With the price point for the E-M1 II hard to justify two years ago and still on the pricey side today, a new camera outperforming it but coming at around the same price point could indeed send Olympus photographers opting for this new high-end camera.

For now, we sit back and keep an eye out for developments.