Manfrotto Announces the Modular Noreg Camera Bag Collection

If modular is the way to go for your camera bags, Manfrotto’s newly announced Noreg Collection could be an attractive option.

While modular camera bags aren’t new, manufacturers are still experimenting with various ways to make them more sleek and streamlined. The latest of these is the Noreg Collection; Manfrotto’s new modular camera bag collection that allows you to mix and match components to create a bag that fits exactly what you need. Whether it’s for work or for travel, the Noreg Bags look promising for photographers always on the go.

Manfrotto’s Noreg Collection comes in two styles: the Noreg Backpack-30 and the Messenger-30. Both bags feature a modular system that consists of two detachable parts — a laptop sleeve and an internal camera unit that doubles as a shoulder bag — which transforms each bag into a three-in-one carrier. Both bags can take in a premium mirrorless camera with standard zoom lens attached, and up to two additional lenses depending on size, or one other lens like a 70-200mm f4. It all boils down to which style you find most practical and comfortable.

The detachable laptop sleeve can accommodate a 15″ laptop and up to a 9.7″ tablet, and is attached on the back for extra security. The front also holds a tripod so you can easily lug your favorite tripod around when you travel. The smart organizer inside the bags can be detached if you wish to use the Noreg bags as a regular backpack or messenger bag.

The Noreg Collection also features a water-repellent, weather-treated outer fabric with cool colorways, minimalist shapes, and elegant textures. For extra protection, the bags also come with a rain cover.


Interested in upgrading into a modular camera bag with Manfrotto’s Noreg Collection? They are now available on the Manfrotto website and authorized Manfrotto dealers at $179.99 for the Noreg Camera Backpack-30, and $149.00 for the Noreg Camera Messenger Bag-30.