Leica and Zeiss Once Collaborated to Make the Rare M4 MDa

Here’s yet another rare Leica camera screaming to call a lucky collector’s camera shelf its new home!

Ready to score another amazing vintage beauty? Our latest ebay find may just be the stuff you’re looking for. It’s a rare Leica M4 version that was born from the partnership of Leica and Zeiss once upon a time. If you were interested in the rare military-issued M4-M from early this year, you’ll surely find this yet another fascinating piece. But, as with any other Leica, this beauty is definitely worth a fortune!

Hong Kong-based ebay seller breguetcamera — who also sold the military Leica M4-M with Motor Drive from last time — brings us another rare black paint M4 model for a special use.  According to the seller, this pre Serial Number M4 MDa unit is said to be an extremely rare leftover from a collaboration between Leitz and Zeiss for fundus imaging purposes (we’ll get to that in a bit). It’s in excellent condition without any mechanical problems, and only minor marks. The camera body comes with a body cap, original black paint bottom plate, and a special base plate in black chrome for Zeiss fundus data strips included.

The most notable feature of this black paint Leica M4 MDa is its provision for the MDa marker strip. The MDa is another unique and specialized model that Leica supposedly made between 1967 to 1976 for microscopes and other scientific equipment. Because of this, the MDa didn’t have a viewfinder or rangefinder. Research tells us that this unit (and other black M4 units that were found to be missing the self-timer as well) was most likely made out of bodies originally meant for MDa cameras. The MDa itself was based on the M4, so it’s interesting that Leica could have reverted some unused MDa bodies into the rare black paint M4 models. According to Camera Quest, this is one of the least known and rarest variations of the M4.

What about that partnership with Zeiss? Well, this camera could very well be a reminder that Zeiss once deemed a Leica as the camera of choice to pair with their fundus photography technology.

Interested in adding this unique unit to your collection of awesome Leica cameras? Head straight to the ebay listing to buy it now for $18,202.50 or make your best offer.

All images from the ebay listing by breguetcamera