This Modified Instax Wide Camera is Perfect for Instant Portraits

This modified Instax Wide camera proves that manual controls and outstanding lenses makes a big difference

With Instax film packs being the most readily available and affordable instant films today, it’s not surprising to find instant photography fans keeping their eyes peeled for the best camera options out there. If it takes the bigger Instax Wide films and offers more manual controls than the usual Instax cameras, all the better — hence the keen interest on the MiNT InstantKon RF70. San Diego-based event and cosplay photographer Mike Rollerson has gotten his hands on a sweet deal with a custom modified Instax Wide camera.

Mike recently snagged this impressive-looking setup from Instant Options, most likely one of the complete modifications the seller occasionally puts up for sale or auction on ebay. It’s a really sleek-looking modification of the Instax Wide 300, equipped with a fast Schneider Kreuznach Symmar-S 100mm f/5.6 large format lens. The body was converted for completely manual controls. Speeds are Bulb and 1 second up to 1/500th, while the aperture is f/5.6 to f/45. A handheld light meter or exposure meter app will come in handy for choosing the right aperture and shutter speed for ISO 800 Instax films.

The original flash was disabled and blacked out, but a flash can be attached and synced at any speed with the PC port on the shutter. Aiming and composing can still be done through the original viewfinder, but the included vintage pocket rangefinder is best for accurate focusing. A handle bracket with a rotating cold shoe and locking cable release rangefinder is also included. The film won’t develop or be ejected until the original shutter button on the camera body is pressed (until the film is completely ejected). This means you can double or multiple expose as much as you want!

Mike tested this modified Instax Wide 300 for both an indoor studio shoot and an outdoor portrait session, and the results are pretty interesting. Definitely not something from your regular Instax cameras!

Such stunning portraits on Instax Wide films? We think it’s a very interesting option for instant photographers. If you want to learn more about this mod or join in the fun discussions with Mike, you might want to check out this Reddit thread.