This Ultra Rare Apo Nikkor 1780mm f14 Lens is for Mammoth Photo Projects

Go big or go home with this massive and ultra rare Apo Nikkor 1780mm lens currently up for grabs on ebay

Dreaming of making massive ultra large format photos someday? Our latest vintage find on ebay will certainly make it happen for you. If you have approximately $22,081.50 to spare and an appropriate ultra large format camera, just pair it with this ultra rare Apo Nikkor 1780mm lens and you’re all set. Be quick: this may be the only chance for you to get your hands on this impressive glass.

According to Germany-based ebay seller inomine, the Apo Nikkor 1780mm lens listed is in superb condition. “The aperture moves smoothly and the lens features slots for extra filters. The metal is in a good condition with minimal signs of wear, if any. The most important thing: the glass is in a great condition, there are minimal cleaning marks here and there, but no haze or fungus,” it says on the listing’s description. It also comes with a fitting flange/retaining ring and both lens caps.

The Apo Nikkor 1780mm lens has a maximum aperture of f14 and a diagonal image area of 91 inches. This info sheet says the Apo-Nikkor is Nippon Kogaku’s line of apochromatic lenses especially designed for photoengraving applications. These lenses have a strictly and precisely corrected chromatic aberration. This ensures that there is hardly any visible image displacement at the image plane, or any difference in the image sizes of consecutive exposures during color separation. Aside from these uses, the Apo Nikkor lenses also work great as photographic lenses and enlarging lenses in the studio.

This mammoth lens may very well be the only lens of its kind that you’ll find out in the market today, as there are only 7 – 10 (depends on who you ask) of these lenses were made and still in existence today. In fact, the only other person we know who owns this legendary lens is Kurt Moser, who plans to use it for his impressive (and massive) combined mobile camera and darkroom.

Curious about this Apo NIkkor 1780mm lens? Head to the ebay listing to learn more about this item, buy it now, or make your best offer.