Slava Semeniuta Paints Architecture in Trippy Colors

All images by Slava Semeniuta. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Colors are no doubt among the powerful elements that make photos eye-catching, especially when they come in clever forms and applications. If it’s color you want, you can trust Slava Semeniuta to deliver images dripping with trippy hues. We’ve seen him take his passion for vibrant hues down the streets and up in the mountains. Today, we bring another beautiful color play from the Russian artist and photographer with a set titled Ghetto Streets on Acid.

Previously, we’ve seen Slava’s fascination for color in projects such as Wet Neon and Velvet Mountain. In the former, he gave street photography both an abstract and vibrant treatment. The latter, meanwhile, is a beautiful color study of scarlet peaks against teal skies. For Ghetto Streets on Acid, he went back to capturing cities in his own technicolor-tinted glasses.

If Slava cleverly painted puddles and pavement with bright hues in Wet Neon, the colors are everywhere in this new project. The effect is as trippy as its title suggests, with skies, buildings, and architectural elements rendered in clashing neon colors. Part architectural photography and part color grading experiment, the set is unlike the abstract and sometimes portrait-heavy approaches that he has done before.

We’ve seen colors take center stage in both street photography and architectural photography from our previous features (Matthieu Bühler’s Neon Dreams, Mark Broyer’s After Hours, and Salvador Cueva’s Coney Island, to name a few). Still, Ghetto Streets on Acid remains the most vibrant, experimental, and hypnotic that we’ve seen so far, and Slava being one of our top masters of neon colors to date.

Enjoyed the captivating clash of colors in this trippy set? Go ahead and check out Slava Semeniuta’s Behance portfolio and follow him on Instagram to see more of his colorful and hypnotizing photography.