This Rare Leica M6 has a Hefty Price Tag for a Good Reason

This Leica M6 has a special feature that commands rarity and a really hefty price tag.

Do Leica cameras hold a special place in your camera shelves? We’ve got another pretty interesting gem for you to be on the look out for. Our latest ebay find is a rare and interesting version of the Leica M6, which at first glance looks like a typical M6 with a $31,442 price tag strangely attached to it. But, look closer and you’ll see why.

The Leica M6 listed by breguetcamera is actually an ultra rare model that also came to be known as the Leica M6A. If you’ve never heard of it or seen it out in the field, it’s because this model is both an M6 and M7 — officially, a prototype of the M7 made around 2002. It’s the M6 in every aspect, except for one special detail: it has the “AUTO” setting on the shutter speed dial. Yep, it’s an M6 that offers auto exposure (AE). And, based on the information from, the chrome model (and yes, it also came in black version) in this listing is one of the only 10 units officially sold by Leica. Manufacturers rarely sold prototype models, as these units were usually given to their designated photographers for testing and evaluation.

The Leica M6/M6A in the listing comes in mint condition, with no mechanical problems, haze, fungus, or dust inside. It has the serial number 0000018 engraved on the hotshoe. The package includes the body cap. Would have been nice if it included the presentation box, like the one here.

With all these tidbits of information, is this Leica M6/M worth the $31,442 price tag? We let you decide. Go ahead and check out the ebay listing here to find out more and buy it now.

All images from the Leica M6A listing by breguetcamera on ebay