For $18,000 Get This Sony E Mount Astro-Berlin Tachonar 75mm f1 Lens

Care for some rare Astro-Berlin glass to pair with your Sony E Mount camera? 

It’s been a while, but we’re back with our latest ebay find for all you fans of vintage gear out there. Today, it’s a rare Astro-Berlin Tachonar 75mm f1.0 lens, an ultra-high speed lens that was modified for Sony E Mount cameras. If you’re looking for a unique German lens and have around $18,000 to spare, you might want to check this listing out.

There’s not much info mentioned about the Astro-Berlin Tachonar 75mm f1.0 lens listed for auction by Asia-based ebay seller breguetcamera. All we know is it’s in great cosmetic condition and has been modified to Sony E Mount to fit cameras such as the Sony A7, NEX-7, NEX-5, and NEX-3 mirrorless cameras. The package also includes the lens, front and rear cap, and the lens hood.

Modified Astro-Berlin Tachonar 75mm f/1.0 listed by breguetcamera

As for the Astro-Berlin brand, all we could find is that it was a German optical company that made cine and still camera lenses from 1921 to 1991. Aside from these lenses, they also manufactured lenses and optical applications for projection, aerial photography, printing, and scientific industries. Some of these lenses have impressive forms and specifications, as we can see in this awesome and extensive Astro-Berlin catalog by Exaklaus. On this catalog, the Astro-Berlin Tachonar lens is listed as a cinematography lens that came in 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, and 75mm.

A prototype of the Astro-Berlin Tachonar 75mm f1.0. Image via Exaklaus

Several sample photos taken using the Sony A7 equipped with this rare vintage lens were also provided in the listing, including those that demonstrate all apertures (f1.0;f1.4; f2; f2.8; f4; f5; f6; f8). The f1.0 max aperture does create some pretty interesting images when set wide open. It either completely blurs the background or produces some interesting swirly bokeh like some modern “art lenses.”

Interested in this rare vintage cinema lens? Check out the ebay listing to find out more, buy it now at $17,989.30, or make your best offer.

All images courtesy of the listing