NiSi Square Filters Could Be on the Way Soon for Smartphones

Smartphone photographers may want to keep an eye out for the mobile version of the NiSi Filters.

If you do a lot of smartphone photography, you might want to keep an eye out on this tip. In a recent video, Imran Mirza gives us a heads up that NiSi Filters is currently developing a mobile version of their square filters. It will come along with a holder that will allow it to work with any smartphone that has a camera.

Imran does an unboxing and quick demo of the upcoming NiSi Square Filter set, which looks handy and allows for a quick setup on any smartphone. And yes, he also shows it’s made of the same sturdy glass used in their Square Filters for DSLR cameras. Watch the video below:

So, there you have it. The filter set sent to Imran came with a Polarizing Filter and a graduated ND filter. What’s even more interesting is that the holder can fit two filters at the same time, which can lead to some pretty interesting images. The graduated ND filter could particularly come in handy for those who do a lot of landscape photography, even on their smartphones.

It looks like a promising and professional-looking filter set for smartphone photography, especially if the final product will really have the same glass of the full-sized filters. However, as Imran also pointed out, the filters may not have an obvious effect with the built-in camera app, as its autoexposure also corrects it at the same time. But NiSi could also be developing a dedicated camera app for using with the filter set.

NiSi could be on the final testing phase of the development given that they’re getting it out to ambassadors to try. So for now, we wait and are on the look out for the release.

If you’re curious about the full-sized Square filters for DSLR cameras, go ahead and check it out on the NiSi website.


Screenshot image from the video