Would You Dare Take the Millennium Falcon Camera Challenge?

Kai Man Wong is our Wookie of the Year by showing us the kind of photos the Lexibook Millennium Falcon Digital Camera takes.  

In the spirit of the good old Pro Photographer, Cheap Camera Challenge, Kai Man Wong himself recently road tested a cheap crappy camera: a Star Wars Millennium Falcon 5MP Digital Camera. If you enjoyed the DigitalRev series and watching professional photographers and videographers struggle like they’ve never struggled before this new challenge should be amusing to you.

Cheap camera challenge videos have become pretty popular since DigitalRev came up with it. It’s become so popular that you’ll find a bunch of photographers have done them on their own channels. Well, maybe not as extreme, hilarious, and entertaining as the DigitalRev folks have done it. So, Kai himself taking on this challenge — using a Star Wars toy camera to boot — is surely the thing to get some DigitalRev Kai fans curious.

Donning a Wookie-inspired outfit and lugging a tripod to use with the Millennium Falcon digital camera he got for Christmas, Kai set out to a scenic location and got down to business. A lot of us probably had an idea how it turned out, but anyway, it’s worth watching Kai himself give it a go in the video itself:

So yeah, the Millennium Falcon digital camera by Lexibook looks every bit as much of a toy than a camera. There’s simply no way it will surprise you with the kind of photos it can take. Sure, it’s a ridiculous looking camera, but it was definitely fun watching Kai take on struggle with the challenge to push its limitations and make something that’s not so bad.

As with all the cheap camera challenges he’s subjected fellow photographers to in the past, the point of this silly exercise is to prove that it’s not always the camera that makes a photographer. The Millennium Falcon digital camera is crap, there’s no question about it. All of us knew that all too well and didn’t have high expectations. The photos are equally crappy by today’s standards. But as Kai himself said, the camera may be crappy, but when it comes to creativity, you’re limitless. And yes, the contrasty black and white and the silhouette shots actually turned out nice.

Go ahead and check out Kai’s YouTube channel to watch more of his videos and subscribe to his photography-related shenanigans.