FUJIFILM and Magnum Photos Collaborate to Bring Images of HOME

The collaboration brings together 16 Magnum photographers to explore the subject of HOME.

FUJIFILM Corporation and Magnum Photos have partnered for a major collaborative project titled HOME. This venture brings together 16 photographers and will culminate in a ten-city exhibition, a photobook, and series of events. The project is set to come to life through the images of some of the biggest names in photography: Olivia Arthur, Antoine d’Agata, Jonas Bendiksen, Chien-Chi Chang, Thomas Dworzak, Elliott Erwitt, David Alan Harvey, Hiroji Kubota, Alex Majoli, Trent Parke, Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Mark Power, Moises Saman, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Alec Soth, and Alex Webb.

For HOME, each esteemed Magnum photographer was asked to explore and interpret the subject of HOME in their own style and sensibility. The theme, chosen by Fujifilm and Magnum for its “global nature and inherently human sentiment,” will be told in sixteen visual short stories that paint a poetic and complex picture of “home.” Of course, they’re all doing this with Fujifilm cameras too.

While these photographers are renowned for documenting the lives and homes of others, they are seldom seen capturing their own. It would therefore be interesting to see what “home” means for each of them – whether it’s a place they lived, revisiting childhood memories, or looking at the space surrounding their own abodes. “Home” is also often synonymous with family, so we’ll also have a glimpse at the personal moments some of the photographers share with family members of past and future generations.

The project will be exhibited in several locations: New York (Milk Gallery, 2-14 March 2018), London (The Vinyl Factory, 18 – 27 May  2018), Paris (Gallery Joseph, 10-17 June 2018), Tokyo (Daikanyama Hillside Forum, 21-30 July 2018), and Cologne (Koeln Messe, 26-19  September). Details about five other international exhibitions and a series of events will be announced at later date. A commemorative photo book designed by Stuart Smith will also be published in March 2018 as part of the project.

Visit home-magnum.com to learn more and stay updated about the project.