This Leica and Angenieux Combo is a Match Made for the Super Rich

Here’s another vintage camera combo to make Leica fans swoon.

For many photographers, Leicas are already among the most expensive gear to have today. When you pair a critically acclaimed model from the 1980s with a rare Parisian portrait lens, you’ll have a vintage match made for a super rich photographer. Case in point is a Leica M4-P with a Angenieux Paris 90mm f/1.8 Type P1 lens that was recently listed on ebay.

The ebay listing by Canada-based seller edmondleung123 has ended last December 22nd, but Leica fans and vintage camera collectors out there may want to see if it gets relisted anytime soon. The Leica M4-P and Paris Angenieux lens pairing was priced at C $13,500 or approximately US $10,660.14. This is really expensive, considering you can already buy a new Leica M10 body for less than that, or throw in one of the least pricey Leica lenses for that price.

The Leica M4-P was built in Midland, Canada in the 1980s. It may have been a critically acclaimed rangefinder during its time, but it wasn’t exactly a hit with many hardcore Leica fans. They were critical of the M4-P and its predecessor M4-2, as they didn’t have the watch-like mechanics that previous M models were known for. With those earlier models, the mechanical elements could be adjusted when repairs were needed. The M4-P and M4-2, however, were made with least expensive but much stronger highly-precise elements that could be replaced when they broke. Still, some fans believed that the two newer models weren’t as quiet or smooth because of their stronger parts.

As for the Angenieux Paris 90mm f/1.8 Type P1 lens, it’s a fast portrait lens originally for 35mm SLR cameras, with M39 screw mount and a Leitz Wetzlar Germany adapter. Angenieux remains an esteemed lens maker, although more for cinema lenses and specialized optics these days than still photography lenses. It’s understandable, therefore, why the 90mm f/1.8 Type P1 is still considered as rare and one of the most sought after lenses ever made. On its own, it fetched around US $5,500 on ebay.

Whoever snagged this pairing sure had a lot of cash to burn for some vintage gear. But still, probably not as much as anyone who’s getting this “fake Leica” that’s nearly ten times more expensive!