Dario Belic Captures Croatian Breakdance Scene Through Portraiture

All images by Dario Belic. Used with Creative Commons permission.

One of the most interesting features of this day and age is how our connectedness has allowed us to appreciate and share many cultures and creative styles with people from virtually everywhere. Through a portrait project, Croatian photographer Dario Belic gives us a peek into how this applies to the world of breakdance in his hometown of Zagreb. Dance is certainly one of the most challenging yet beautiful topics for a photography project, especially if it’s one that reflects a shared passion for it among different cultures. Bboyz, Dario’s portrait project which features Croatian break dancers, explores his hometown’s fascination for the style of street dance that originated far back in the 1970s, and over 4,000 miles away in New York City, as part of hiphop culture.

Also called B-boying or breaking, this street dance style remains extremely popular today, and not only in New York City where it all started. Breakers (or b-boys/b-girls, as many prefer to be called) from all over the world come together, form crews, and compete to showcase their skills in this notably athletic and upbeat genre. Dario introduces us to some of the b-boys who keep the passion for breaking alive in the Croatian capital.

Dario’s portraits may look pretty simple and straightforward, but anyone who’s ever watched a breaker bust some moves knows it’s not exactly the easiest to photograph. What stands out in this portrait project is its beautiful mix of action, facial expressions, and movements easily identifiable with breakdancing. I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes the balance of portraiture and art of dance captured throughout this project. The subjects’ dance moves do not obscure their individual identities, and the portrait side does not “soften” the energy of the dance style either.

Check out Dario Belic’s website and Behance portfolio to see his other works.