Chris Clor Captures the Beauty of the Outdoors in Punchy Monochromes

All images by Chris Clor. Used with Creative Commons permission.

There’s no doubt that landscape photos look stunning in color. Once in a while, however, you come across a body of work in black and white that shows you a different side to the beauty of the outdoors. It may not be entirely new, but the timeless look of landscapes in monochrome remains a favorite of photographers. If you need some black and white inspiration today, you’ll find the landscape work of London-based Chris Clor impressive.

When you don’t have vibrant colors to see the lushness of the greenery or the deep blues of the sky, landscape photography in black and white encourages you to appreciate the textures, lines, and shapes of the outdoors. All these are very much present in the photos by Chris. Taken in punchy and contrasty monochrome, we see in his shots some of the qualities of exemplary outdoor photos.

In each of his landscapes, the textures are so well-defined that it’s easy to make out details such as moss-covered rocks and tree trunks despite the absence of color. In some photos, it’s the play on light and shadows that is dominant, giving the viewer enough clues to imagine the time of the day or the conditions during his shoot. In others, viewers are presented with a harmony of details in one frame, like the textures of the greenery against the curves and slopes of hills and mountains. Some are done in a minimalist approach, with a focus either on the differences in the terrain or tasteful layers of textures.

Chris’ landscape work is a fine example of how the absence of color, when done right, can still create a beautiful likeness of nature. Black and white landscapes, as with many works in monochrome, allow us to see the outdoors and the stories they create in a different light.

Check out Chris Clor’s Behance page to show your appreciation for this Monochrome landscape set and browse through his other works.