Marcos Alberti Breaks Barriers Surrounding Female Sexuality with The O Project

All images by Marcos Alberti. Used with permission.

Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti is back with another daring project that explores and reinterprets a mostly taboo topic. Following the success of his Wine Project, he has recently launched another portrait set done in the same fun style. The goal this time is to encourage the conversation on female sexual well-being and break the barriers surrounding it.

The O Project was done in collaboration with international sexual well-being brand Smile Makers, with the mindset of presenting female sexuality like it’s never done before. To achieve this, Marcos captured the facial expressions of more than 20 women of different ages, ethnicities, and nationalities before, during, and after their pleasure journey with a personal massager. The four portraits of each subject reveal the interesting and varying progression of their expressions during and post-orgasm.

While the topic is empowering, Marcos and Smile Makers Global Brand Manager Fan Yang were aware that getting women to participate in the project wasn’t going to be easy. But communicating the message that all women deserve to be in control of their sexuality — whether they come from more sexually liberated countries or more conservative communities — got them the cast they needed.

“Female sexuality is more often shrouded in shame and secrecy,” Fan said. “Our partnership with Marcos allowed us to create this series to upend that social stigma around female sexuality, and encourage the normalization of female pleasure.”

To make sure the headshots are as fun, wholesome, and tasteful as his Wine Project, everything below the waist was hidden from view, even from Marcos himself. The result is an interesting peek into the side of female sensuality and pleasure that is often deemed unmentionable or frowned upon.

Even the models were in awe of their portraits, especially the final shot which showed their post-orgasm glow. This image of a strong woman who is confident with her body and sexuality is exactly what Fan and Smile Makers want everyone to see.

As for Marcos, the project was a unique and equally pleasant experience. 

Watch how Marcos and Fan carried out this collaboration in this behind the scenes video:

Don’t forget to visit Marcos Alberti’s website to see the rest of the photos for the O Project.