Nikon Mirrorless To Feature 45MP Sensor, New Mount?

Innovative cameras - Nikon D850

Apparently that new Nikon Mirrorless camera may be really professional oriented

As you have heard, unless you live under a rock, Nikon is working on their professional mirrorless camera system(s), and while nothing is official yet, reports are still getting out here and there giving tidbits of information about these upcoming mirrorless cameras. The latest report including some major new information about the Nikon mirrorless project.

According to this latest report, coming out of The New Camera, Nikon will launch both FX (full frame) and DX (Crop) mirrorless cameras aimed at professional photographers. These cameras are expected to hit the market in 2018, but as of yet the official announcement is up in the air. But again, this is not totally new information. What is new is the revelation that the FX mirrorless camera will feature the same 45MP sensor as the D850, while the DX mirrorless camera will feature the same 21MP sensor as the D500.

As well, The New Camera report says that the new cameras will have a new, mirrorless specific mount. This is probably for the best, but will no doubt dash the hopes of many Nikon photographers hoping their Nikon F Mount glass would be compatible. However, the report does also say there will be an F Mount adapter. But if all current adapters tell us anything, AF performance will likely suffer from F Mount lenses on these new Mirrorless bodies.

Finally, as you could assume given a new mount, there will also be several new lenses announced for this new mirrorless system. We don’t know how many lenses at this point, but one would assume that 3-5 lenses at launch would be an ideal number (several primes and a zoom or two).  The report closes out by saying that currently Nikon’s team is putting a lot of effort into optimizing these cameras for power consumption, lag, and refresh rate.

As always with these reports prior to an official announcement, don’t go getting too excited or selling off all your gear. Nothing is official until it’s official, but these reports are looking rather promising if you ask us!

Anthony Thurston

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