Mikael Broidioi’s Road Trip Diary Shows Stunning Landscapes of the American West

All images by Mikael Broidioi. Used with permission.

A trip doesn’t feel complete without a travel diary of some sort, especially if it’s a major road trip full of picturesque moments and postcard-worthy landmarks. The travel set taken by French photographer Mikael Broidioi during a trip to the United States early this year is certainly brimming with these, and flipping through it is sure to bring you a serious case of wanderlust.

For 15 days, Belgium-based Mikael and his wife traversed the American West, traveling 3,117 miles and visiting some of its most famous national parks: Zion Park, Bryce Canyon, Capitol Reef, Antelope Canyon, Arches, Canyonlands, Monument Valley, Petrified Forest, and Joshua Tree. Their scenic road trip also included driving along Route 66 from Santa Fe to Los Angeles. Mikael ended up with a big collection of travel snaps to remember this trip by, and I have to say they’re all marvelous.

The American landscape is especially famous for its beauty and is sought after by travelers around the world for the wonders of its national parks. Mikael’s travel photos certainly show us why, featuring the colors, textures, curves, and natural attractions that appeal to wandering photographers who want to immortalize their visit in every shot.

As a fan of wide open spaces, Mikael wanted to emphasize the vastness of these national parks, and he did so by mostly capturing the big picture of his subjects interacting with their surroundings instead. “I ‘drown’ my subjects in the immensity of the elements that surround us,” he shared with us. “Landscapes and nature predominate over humans, which is really important for me because it reflects a reality sometimes forgotten.”

To complete the mood of his road trip snaps, Mikael preferred using a hint of retro colors in post-processing, mimicking the nostalgic feel of analog photographs. “This helps to bring a soul to my pictures, an authentic touch,” he said.

We’re sure you want to see more, so visit his website to see his entire West USA road trip album, as well as his other impressive travel sets.