These Custom Hand Painted Backdrops are Great Additions to Your Studio

All images by Kate Woodman via CustomCanvasBackdrop on Etsy

If you’re setting up your dream studio, I’m sure you’ll need a variety of backdrops for product and portrait work. While you’re most likely planning to head to a nearby photo supply store to check some swatches, you might also want to have at least one of the custom hand painted backdrops made by Kate Woodman in your collection.

Pratik Naik from The Retouchist recently gave a heads-up on Kate’s custom-made backdrops, which she makes in her own home garage, with beautiful results. One thing to note is that Kate is a photographer herself, and most likely had the idea to just paint her own backdrops when she felt like experimenting with canvas backgrounds for her portraits. On her blog, she has actually written about how switching up her backdrops using various materials like foam core, wallpapers, and fabric has provided inspiration and a chance to break away from the monotony of studio work.

Like Kate, you can be playful with your own backdrops in your studio and go DIY, or just get her to make them for you. Looking at the sample portraits she has posted on her Etsy shop, her custom hand painted backdrops have this textured, grungy look that resembles polished concrete. I find it works beautifully for minimalist portraits and fashion editorials. Pratik has seen these backdrops in person and can also vouch for their quality.


Details on her Etsy page also mention these backdrops are made with 100% cotton heavy duty fabric and are custom made to order for each client. They also come in a range of standard sizes: 4 x 5 ft, 6 x 9 ft, 8 x 12ft, 12 x 15 ft, 15 x 18, 20 x 20 ft, or you can specify a custom size for an additional cost. Simply include your color specifications and/or swatches and size requirements with your order and let Kate work her magic.

Sounds like something you’re keen to have in your studio? Get in touch with Kate through her Etsy shop or drop her an e-mail at katewoodmanphoto[at]gmail[dot]com for a quote.