Irene Rudnyk Explains Why She Shoots in Natural Light


It’s strange and mostly absurd how there’s still a lot of bickering over photography techniques, gear, and choices today. We should be already at a time when everyone accepts that everything ultimately boils down to one thing: personal preference. The fact that fashion photographer Irene Rudnyk still has to defend her preference for shooting in natural light attests to this.

Still, Irene took the time to answer why she chooses to shoot with natural light once and for all in a recent video.

“This very controversial topic of natural light vs. flash has always somehow made its way to my YouTube channel,” she said. “I think there’s a lot of confusion to why I like to use natural light over flash, and finally I’m gonna explain it to you guys.”

Given that some comments about her work have become demeaning and inappropriate, Irene believed it was time to mention her past experience with strobe and flash photography, and why she no longer uses it for her work. When she was still new to the craft, she didn’t really have a preference or style yet, and was experimenting with lights, flashes, beauty dishes, and other studio equipment. Of course, she had some photos to show which prove how she was able to easily learn and use flash and other artificial lighting.

Compared to flash and studio lights, Irene found working with natural light on location more challenging. Still, like many photographers who shoot in natural light and on location, she had to stress that it’s a very simple matter of personal preference. The kind of images she gets with this soft and often ethereal lighting fits the style that she grew to like, as well as the creative vision she wants to express in her photography. Really, it’s as simple as that.

Her work clearly shines with the kind of light she chooses to work with, so why she still has to explain this is absolutely puzzling. But, don’t take our word for it. Take a look at her portfolio and see for yourself.

Screenshot image from the video by Irene Rudnyk