This One, Convenient Image Sums Up The Technicalities of Photography

We live in an era where learning things has become a lot easier, including photography. On top of courses and modules that you can enroll in, there are tons of photography resources that you can access with just a few clicks. One of them is a simple and neat basic photography infographic that could jump start your learning in photography, or even save you a considerable amount of money on beginner courses.

In fact, Christian Tudor of the Academy of Photography believes that this infographic best explains how the exposure triangle works, and would be of great help to anyone struggling with their camera settings. He also considers this to be an entire course in basic photography for beginners, condensed in a simple image; all you need to do is print it and bring it with you so you can master your camera settings on the go.

How does this work? The video below explains how to read and use this chart for your photography self-study and practice:

As Christian pointed out, one of the things that make this illustration a great learning tool is it shows the relationship between the aperture and depth of field, the shutter speed and capturing motion, and ISO settings and noise. If you’re new to photography or at least want to learn how to take full control of your camera, this is a simple but effective visual reference that shows what each value does and what to keep in mind for each setting. For example, use a smaller f-number (wider aperture) to completely blur the background of your subject, use at least 1/500 shutter speed to freeze movement, and anything beyond ISO 3200 can give you an issue with noise.

To best learn from this basic photography infographic, shoot in manual mode and see how each setting affects the look of your photos, and which combinations would yield the best results for the kind of photography you want to do.

For more photography tips and tutorials from Christian Tudor, head to the Academy of Photography on YouTube.

Screenshot image taken from the video by the Academy of Photography