Astropad Studio Turns Your iPad Pro Into a Graphics Tablet for Your Mac Plus Adds Pro Features

Software Developer, AstroHQ, has announced their new flagship product, Astropad Studio. Building upon many of the key features of the original Astropad (check out our review), the Pro edition adds faster processing speeds, customizable workflow, and shortcut options, plus pen pressure and stroke settings. It also allows users to create shortcut sets that match whatever Mac app they’re currently working in, and adds keyboard support via the on-screen keyboard or use of an external bluetooth keyboard. The software is available now and currently priced at $64.99/year or $7.99/month.

Astropad allows users to connect their iPad and Mac computer with the iPad acting as a graphics tablet. Astropad includes support for Apple Pencil and achieves its smooth drawing ability through use of a technology AstroHQ refers to as LIQUID. AstroHQ claims that LIQUID provides up to 12ms response time (responsiveness) along with color corrected output and retina resolution. Essentially what this means is that what users see on their Mac will be the same as what they see on their iPad. The software can be connected with wifi or USB and works with any Mac app without the need for drivers.

Astropad Studio builds upon the original by adding new features meant to push the application beyond the standard capabilities of a graphics tablet. It utilizes LIQUID Extreme which AstroHQ claims is up to 5x faster than the baseline edition of LIQUID. Keyboard support has been added to help streamline workflows as well as customizable shortcuts which allow for unique touch/pencil combinations. Pencil output can be customized using “Stroke Lab” which allows users to adjust several elements of the pencil’s stroke and pressure settings to match their unique preferences.

Astropad Studio launches today and is available for $64.99/year or $7.99/month. AstroHQ states the software has been priced as a subscription to better serve their pro customers giving them both additional features and support. Subscription users will get access to the latest versions of Astropad Studio, monthly updates with features and improvements, the ability to sync settings across devices, and priority customer support.

To find out more about Astropad Studio, visit Astropad HQ’s website here.