New Zhongyi Mitakon 20mm f2 Macro Lens Can Achieve 4.5x Magnification

Zhongyi Optics (ZY Optics) has just launched Zhongyi Mitakon 20mm f2 macro lens which they claimed to be able to produce high magnification ratio up to 4.5 times the real size. Its optical construction consists of 6 elements in 4 groups of lenses. According to the product descriptions, the lens is designed to be compact at 6 cm and weighing 0.5 lbs (230g), while the enclosure of the lens is made of metal for better durability. Also, the minimum focusing distance is 20mm, measured from the subject to the front element of the glass. The recommended retail price of the Zhongyi Mitakon 20mm f2 is USD199 and the lens is available for Canon EF, Nikon F, Sony FE, Sony Alpha, Pentax K, Sony E, Micro Four Thirds, Fuji X mounts. 

In macro photography, the main objective is to achieve as much magnification as possible. Having the ability to go up to 4.5 times magnification is impressive, considering most macro lenses in the market only offer 1 time magnification. For normal practice, to achieve higher magnification from the normal macro lenses, alternatives such as macro adapters or extension tubes need to be adopted. Having a native high magnification of 4.5 times real size without the need for further macro modifiers can open up interesting photography opportunities, with only one important question yet to be answered: the quality of the optics. At this moment, there are no real world tests and independently tested image samples to draw meaningful conclusions on how the Zhongyi Mitakon 20mm f2 macro lens performs.

You can find out more about the Zhongyi Mitakon 20mm f2 Macro lens at their official product page here.