Can Dagarslani Shows Elderly Couple Living In Calmness And Serenity

All images by Can Dagarslani. Used under a Creative Commons License. 

Conceptual portraiture often challenges the way we look at things and can be the perfect medium to present an interesting idea. Can Dagarslani’s latest photo series of an elderly couple titled “Serenity” takes on the idea that as we age we shall live in a state of calmness and serenity–which for many, is the dream.

According to the photo project description, Can Dagarslani questioned the existence of serenity as a concept lost in the norms of the modern world, but also the possibility of it to be attained while we are getting older. His photo series portrayed an old couple dressed in summer shorts and striking striped socks engaging in fun activities together. The shooting location was Bauhaus school in Dessau (Germany), which featured dominating white and minimalist backdrop. Can strategically dressed the old couple in the bold primary colors of Bauhaus which were red, blue, and yellow. To instill the symbolic fun in the imagery, the couple was playing with inflatable tubes or big rubber gloves. 

Can Dagarslani shot the entire series in available light, keeping the natural glow of abundant sun light which boldly enhanced the bright red, blue, and yellow accents against the dominant blank and white background the old couple were positioned against in most frames. His careful play with the surrounding geometries were instrumental in the overall visual narrative, utilizing converging lines, repetitive shapes, different sides of a building corner, and varying perspectives in his shots. While the elderly models were obviously posed, they were beautifully done to suggest possible interpretations of what they were doing in the photographs and, surely seeing the photographs in a series, they tell mysterious stories. Most important of all, posed or not posed, Can Dagarslani successfully captured the facial expression of the couple which remained consistent throughout all images, effectively showing them in the state of unquestionable calm and serenity.

You may find out more about Can Dagarslani and his photography work at his portfolio site here.