LuMee Releases the LuMee Duo, an iPhone Case with Double-Sided Lighting

Smartphone case maker, LuMee has released an all-new case for Apple’s iPhone. The latest addition to LuMee’s illuminated case product line, the LuMee Duo is a smartphone case with integrated front and back LEDs. The placement of the LEDs lighting for photos and videos taken on an iPhone, are claimed to minimize the need of flash or external sources.

LuMee’s previous cases, the LuMee Original and Lumee Two, also featured LED lighting, although their placement and illumination differ from the Duo. The Lumee Duo incorporates a double-sided lighting design with lighting on both the front and back of the case to provide illumination for both cameras on the iPhone. Users fond of taking selfies, who often rely on the rear camera, will have the option of using the light to get even illumination. Those using the front-facing camera for say, Facetime, can use the lights on the front for even things like prime time on Instagram. The case features an adjustable dimmer allowing users to customize their lighting preferences to taste. According to LuMee, the case’s soft diffused illumination also eliminates redeye often caused by flash and/or harsh lighting.

In terms of the phsyical makeup, the case will be available in Black Matte, White Glossy, Gold Matte, and Rose Matte finishes. It features an outer shell designed to be rugged to prevent against damage and also has rubberized edges for increased phone protection. The LEDs are powered by an internal battery and can be recharged with the provided charging cord. No details have been provided for estimated battery life for the device.

The LuMee Duo are be available at You can also find additional information regarding the case by visiting LuMee’s website here.