Macphun’s Luminar Photo-Editing Software Adds Support for Macbook Pro Touchbar

Macphun, the folks behind Aurora HD and the Creative Suite, have released an update to its new Luminar app, adding support for the 2016 Macbook Pro’s Touch Bar. Apple rolled out the laptop in November and developers have quickly been adding features to their software to take advantage of the unique touch bar. Luminar follows suit and offers easy to access features such as: adding photo filters, quickly comparing photos, copying and pasting effects to a group of images, adjusting the size of the editing brush, and more. 


For those unfamiliar with Luminar, Macphun states that Luminar was created to challenge Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture. One of its key features is its adaptability. The software’s workspace keeps only the tools you need allowing users to explore creative looks quickly, save native files nondestructively, and more. There are a variety of workspaces from Landscape to Street Photography offering tools that users focusing on those genres will find useful.

Similar to Photoshop, the software can handle object removal, noise reduction, image transformation to complex edits involving multiple layers, masks, and editing brushes. Those who want a more simple approach can utilize the software’s 50 built-in presets which can be fine-tuned to taste, similar to the filter features used in popular apps like Instagram. Luminar is also a RAW converter, comes as a standalone program or plugin, has PSD support, and batch processing will be introduced this month. The Touch Bar update has been added to give users quick access to some of the more commonly used editing tools. Macphun claims Luminar serves to be the all-in-one photo toolbox that demanding photographers need.

The Luminar Macbook Pro Touch Bar update is available now. Macphun is currently running a $10 off special so those interested can purchase Luminar for only $59. To find out more about Luminar visit Macphun’s website here.